For the sake of corona, PFL built a hybrid set at WIMEC Eventcentre. This set allows you to host an event that can be followed by both a live audience and online viewers.

What are Hybrid events? In a hybrid meeting, we bring together the best of 2 worlds. The warmth of an in-person live meeting, combined with participants who can participate online. For online participants, many applications with quite a bit of experience are possible. Even during a break.

The big advantage is that participants have to travel much less, the breakout sessions can be personalized even further and you can make the meeting many times more interactive.

With an interview or interesting interactive content. In addition, you can add polls during a meeting to make everything more interactive. Or offer gamification. Even live translations are among the possibilities today. Keeping everything engaging is an absolute must. That way, you prevent participants from turning off their cameras.

PFL shapes your (inter)national meeting.

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