PFL has its own professional video studios to record and produce presentations, product launches or instruction videos.

Our “green screen” set-up enables us to transform the background into anything you desire.



Your festival, corporate event or sports game: we can record or webcast your projects with several cameras and immediately deliver the footage. Whatever your budget, we can offer you video productions in different formats: SD, HD or 4K. 


Working in close collaboration with you, we will create a perfect representation of your company’s vision and manifesto. With a quick turnaround, we will deliver your corporate movie in a format suitable for on your website, as well as on a specially designed Blue Ray or DVD.


With video mapping we project content onto the facades of any 3d model, vehicle or building. We can virtually construct a building to then drastically alter it into a flower garden, or any other virtual and visual wonder. 

With video mapping anything is possible.