Do you want to increase the impact of your message?

PFL has the solution for you. We've built five studios so you can communicate in a professional way with your audience. The studios are located at our own eventcentre WIMEC in Turnhout, Belgium.

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Increase the impact of your message
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In the past few months, we have all become familiar attending or hosting virtual events on the computer.
Due to the pandemic this will not be changing any time soon.

Often the traditional video conferencing platforms have limitations, especially when you have to reach a broader audience, or when want to implement a panel discussion or interactive sessions.

How do you cope with speakers or guests from around the world you would like to invite who can’t physically attend your event?

And how do you keep your audience focused on the message you want to deliver?
All of this without facing any technical difficulties?


PFL has the right solution for you: the streaming studios! Directly in your neighborhood!

You can stream your message directly to your target audience in a personalized and professional studio. Our meeting professionals are at your service to help you host your virtual event with your personal message!

Heusden-Zolder PFL streaming studio WATT
Turnhout PFL streaming studio WIMEC coro
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