From 27 to 30 September 2018, the first edition of SuperNova took place in Antwerp. Spread over several locations in the area Het Eilandje the tech summit welcomed thousands of visitors, entrepreneurs, businesses of tomorrow and game-changers to connect, inspire and empower.

One of these businesses of tomorrow is VITO. PFL was commissioned for the creation of the “VITO Sustainability Pavilion”. Several experiential domes in which visitors could learn about and explore the latest technological innovations and research projects VITO is working on.

“These types of projects require technical discipline, high-level skills and expertise. In addition to that, SuperNova took place right after the summer period, so we were faced with a very tight timeframe. It was a challenge PFL was excited and ready to take on.” Says Valentijn Daman, Project Manager at PFL responsible for the execution and management of this project.

Every detail of the domes was worked out by PFL. Besides tailor-made solutions for WIFI, delivery of generators and the installation of a heating system, PFL also worked out all creative and technical elements. From VR technology that took visitors on a journey down into VITO’s drill hole in Mol-Donk to a full 360° dome projection PFL developed and realised using five Panasonic PT-RZ21 projectors. This dome projection was made even more engaging with a plugin that allowed for real-time video display including an interactive Kahoot quiz and a Skype call to China during Cleantech Flanders’ event.

In the main dome, PFL installed a 30m² curved 3.75mm LED screen as backwall for the speaker stage. While within VITO’s Geothermic dome, a 360° Hyperbolic Polystretch screen proved to be an extra challenge to proficiently project content. The insertion of immersive audio and timecoded lighting resulted in a complete and deeply engaging experience for both visitors and a very happy client.

In addition to delivering and installing all technical aspects within the Sustainability Pavilion, PFL also developed the VITO Resource City App. A fully interactive and educational game with which visitors could hunt for 140 different chemical elements in Antwerp’s Eilandje and in the centre of Mol. Similar to the popular Pokémon Go game, Resource City awards points to players for each element they caught, but they also receive an educational fact about the element.

SuperNova was an event where PFL could show off its ability to execute a total event concept. From concept to reality, PFL will realise your ideas into a successful event.