GREEN screen 

In this studio, you have the possibility to get your message across with the background you prefer. This studio is also the perfect starting point for a lot of hybrid and virtual meetings. The green key studio is including a movable grid and basic lighting for the background. Depending on your wishes and ideas, we can provide the necessary facilities. We are happy to deliver you a personal proposal. 

This studio is also available for photographers. 


Studio set Go live! 

This studio is a ready-to-go meeting room with two high tables. This set-up is ideal for shorter information moments with your audience. 

We offer you a premium streaming or recording at an entry-level price. 


Studio set Table discussion 

You can take a seat at our huge meeting table in a modern setting. This table has seats for maximum five speakers with respect for the social distancing rules. 

Behind the table, there is a flat screen so you can personalize the studio with your own logo or content. You also have the possibility to personalize the back and side wall. 


Studio set POWER STAGE 

The central point of our studio is a led screen of 10 meters wide by 4 meters high. This is the background for the recording.
This studio can be used for streaming of a live event or dj-set, but also for a company presentation.
The POWER- STAGE set- up is also fantastic for our Multi-Hub Meetings. 

There is a possibility to do a live presentation with 10 to 100 people physically present, with respect for the social distancing rules. In the meantime the event can be streamed to participants worldwide. 

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